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A Beauty Update… For the Curious and Bored

Well, first of all, when I settled in to write this post, I pulled up my original products post to reference,  and…realized it’s been a year?! The time. It flies. Anyway! I loved doing that post, and hearing all of your input, so I thought I’d do a little follow up. I wish I could say that since we last spoke I have totally overhauled my medicine cabinet, makeup bag, and you know, just my life in general. Alas! Not the case (see also: teachers budget, and: old habits die hard). But  I have tried a few new things so to that end…

I did purchase the UnCover Up from Rose Marie Swift Beauty. Never looking back. When it came in the mail, it looked very glossy in the pot and I thought, oh dear…too sheeny and goopy. But then I realized that it was because it had been sitting in the warm mailbox, and it’s coconut oil based. Once it cooled to room temp, it looks like regular cover-up, but because of said coconut oil, it makes it very easy to work with, because it warms up quickly with the body heat of your fingers, and it’s very forgiving on the skin. Completely natural looking, and buildable, depending on how much coverage you want. Most importantly, I feel great about the ingredients, and it hasn’t made me break out once. Very much wanting to try so many of her other products. Incidentally, J. Crew recently started carrying the products, and revealed they are what give their models that ever so covetable “I just shook off the saltwater, slicked on some orange-y red lipstick and a statement necklace and look effortlessly fresh” look. Hmmm. Well, we knew first, didn’t we dear readers.







A few months ago I picked up a couple of Boots Botanics items from Target. I kept reading about how great they were, especially for the price. So with $20 in my hot little hand, I purchased the 100% Organic Facial Oil, and the Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. I really wanted to love the oil. At first, I did. But then it started making me break out. I’m not sure if that’s because of the product, or my sensitive skin, but there you have it. As for the balm, I wanted it to be as great as the REN balm I rhapsodized about in my last post. It’s ok, and when I do wear makeup, I use it before my face wash. But I think it’s a matter of getting what you pay for.

Right now I’m washing my face with Cetaphil Antibacterial bar soap. Honestly, I bought it for the price, and I probably won’t keep using it after it’s gone, BUT…it smells JUST like Mustela products, at a fraction of the price. You mamas out here might already be in love with Mustela and that clean and dreamy scent.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since my last product post, is how truly sensitive my skin is. But I’m not convinced I have what a dermatologist would call sensitive skin; I wonder how many of us are reacting to unhealthy ingredients and just don’t know that’s what it is. For instance, I bought an EOS lip balm and loved it at first, but now realize it’s really irritating my lips and the skin around them. Oy. If you have that same issue, two lip balms I’ve found that are super gentle and effective are Kiehl’s Baby and John Masters Organic.






Oh, and speaking of Kiehl’s, they have recently begun removing parabens and other yucky chemicals from some of their products! That said, I tried the cult favorite Avocado Eye Cream, but got the dreaded milia. So, back on the eye cream search.

I guess the last thing I would share (because the last time I treated to you to my titillating breakfast habits), is my new yogurt discovery: Maple Hills Creamery. Grass-fed, tangy, perfect.

So! PLEASE give me your thoughts! Or, as I say to my preschoolers during show and tell, “Yes my love, do you have a question or a comment?” I am dying to hear what you’ve discovered and are loving and hating. Thank as always for reading, dear friends.




3 comments on “A Beauty Update… For the Curious and Bored

  1. Torrie @ a place to share...
    August 23, 2014

    “I wonder how many of us are reacting to unhealthy ingredients and just don’t know that’s what it is.”i (k… back to reading… just had to stop & say/write that)

  2. Torrie @ a place to share...
    August 23, 2014

    whoops, meant to follow your quote with “YES” ;).

  3. Torrie @ a place to share...
    August 23, 2014

    i have so much to say about this. ok, i will try to streamline my thoughts… way back when… i started writing a gardening column (well, ryan & i did) for estelle. because of that, i learned so much by reading her (and the other contributors’) articles about making the SWITCH. i had already switched out my harsh cleaning products for natural alternatives (have switched back on a couple of the bathroom products)… but i hadn’t yet done the same with skincare products or makeup. still have not done so with makeup, but only because i usually don’t wear it (too lazy… too time-consuming… etc)… but have with skincare products! thank you for sharing the ‘uncover up’ product (& wow! j crew followed suit!:)). i do plan on getting back into the makeup game (not a lot, but a little… for various reasons), and i when i do~ i will start the changeover process.

    as for skincare, here is where i have landed…

    shampoo~ this is a BIG topic (one to be added to our with wine list), but i use both julian farell (not natural, but a little… had to resort to this, as hair was thinning/falling out… probably HORMONAL;)) and avalon organics (lavender… tried lemon~ too harsh). due to build-up issues, i occasionally need to add a little baking soda, since i have not found a shampoo that leaves my scalp completely clean- if it does, it ends up feeling stripped, dry, and watery. and as for the conditioner, i just started using the one from the honest company. OMG- SO GOOD… SILKY SMOOTH. (okay! jacob is pining for the computer again… it’s for homework- reason that he’s been on it ALL day, so i can’t really argue :/… will be back. so much for streamlining ;))

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